How CoinLoaners Benefit From Binance Fiat Gateway

AdviceNov 11, 2019

Binance, the number one exchange by reported trading volumes, has recently announced support to fiat-to-crypto exchange. It allowed trading popular cryptocurrencies against EUR, RUB, UAH and KZT,  in partnership with the AdvCash payment system. With the fiat currencies, Binance users will be able to buy and sell BTC, ETH, and XRP from Buy and Sell Crypto page using Binance one-click buy/sell service.

AdvCash is a payment platform with e-wallets in multiple currencies, which allow easy withdrawals and deposits worldwide. CoinLoan has adapted AdvCash as a cheap and fast payment option for more than a year now. It creates new possibilities for convenient interaction between CoinLoan and Binance.

What’s the Case for CoinLoaners?

It's a popular strategy among our community to borrow stablecoins to transfer them quickly to Binance. Now users get new opportunities for trading on the world’s leading crypto exchange. Once you borrow EUR or RUB on CoinLoan, you can move your fiat money directly to your Binance account through AdvCash.

The only requirement is to have an AdvCash account or to create one if you don't. First, you need to withdraw your funds from My Wallet tab on the CoinLoan platform to your AdvCash. Once processed, your assets will arrive in your AdvCash account. After, you can easily transfer your funds to your Binance account.

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