CoinLoan Lists EURS Stablecoin

UpdateAug 24, 2019

CoinLoan is extending the list of supported coins with a newcomer. Please welcome EURS stablecoin!

About EURS

STASIS EURS (EURS) is the first euro-pegged stablecoin; EURS is designed to combine the benefits of the world’s second most-traded fiat currency with the transparency, immutability, and efficiency of the blockchain. EURS is a token based on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Using EURS

As any other stablecoin on the platform, EURS is available as a loan currency but NOT as loan collateral. You can lend or borrow EURS against cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ONT, XMR, CLT, and DASH.

As with any other coins or fiat currencies on the platform, you can now find EURS toolbar in My Wallet tab.

Figure 1: The EURS toolbar in the My Wallet tab.

You can find more information about EURS here.

Where Can You Buy/Sell EURS?

RaidoFinance digital asset exchange is a CoinLoan partner and EURS operator. On RaidoFinance you can exchange EURS for EUR at a 1:1 exchange rate and transaction cost price. You can also buy/sell EURS in pairs with other liquid currencies such as BTC and ETH.

How to Buy/Sell EURS for Other Cryptos (BTC, ETH)?

1. Sign up on the RaidoFinance exchange using the following link.

2. In your account open Balances page and make a transfer to your EURS (BTC, ETH) wallet.

Figure 2: Depositing on RaidoFinance exchange

3. Exchange EURS (BTC, ETH) on the other crypto within BTC/EURS and ETH/EURS trading pairs.

4. After an exchange, you can withdraw crypto on an external wallet using WITHDRAWAL feature in your account.

Figure 3: Withdrawing on RaidoFinance exchange

How to Buy/Sell EURS for Fiat Money (EUR)?

1. Sign up on the RaidoFinance exchange using the following link:

2. Provide your ID and Utility Bill to get the third level of verification.

3. If you want to sell your coins, open Balances page, and deposit EURS to your wallet.

Figure 4: Depositing on RaidoFinance exchange

4. On the Balances page, click on FIAT DEPOSIT (to buy for fiat) or FIAT WITHDRAWAL (to sell for fiat).

Figure 5: Depositing fiat on RaidoFinance exchange

5. Please follow the instructions; the transaction will be completed between 5 minutes and 24 hours.

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