CoinLoan Makes Withdrawals Free

UpdateNov 19, 2019

Withdrawals of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and euros are now free of charge on the CoinLoan platform. Zero commission transactions and the opportunity to lend without median fees allow investors to go home with the full amount of their returns.

What Is the Reason?

Fees for investing and depositing have been canceled on CoinLoan for a while. However, until recently, we have charged a small fixed amount for withdrawals. There was only one thing. Even a tiny withdrawal fee took the lion's share of the revenue from microloans and small Interest Account investments.

So How Does It Work Now?

CoinLoan came up with a radical proposal: charge zero percent for withdrawing all cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and euros via the SEPA payment method. Look at that lovely zero-fees column on our fees schedule page when you tap on Withdrawal.

For example, investors who lend 1 BTC for a short term can earn about 0.002 BTC interests if they apply terms that you can see in Figure #1 below.

Lenders were supposed to pay 0.001 BTC to get money back, according to old withdrawal rules. Now, the user pays CoinLoan nothing for transferring bitcoins to his wallet.

Hey lenders, did you enjoy this update? We hope so 😊
We will announce another big news this week, so please stay tuned!

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