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No credit checks

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    Remember: The higher the interest rate, the faster your application will be accepted by the lender.

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How Borrowing Works
Figure 1: A generated example of CoinLoan’s lending/borrowing calculations

Each loan is Bitcoin-backed, meaning we don’t need to run a credit check. You can pay off your loan whenever you want, or you can continue to pay monthly.

CoinLoan automatically calculates repayment amounts for you. For example, to get 100,000 EUR with a Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio of 65%, you'll need to deposit ~16 BTC.

Start Borrowing
LTV and Margin Call

Loan-to-Value (LTV) refers to a ratio between your loan amount and collateral market value.

Lower LTV means you have a safety bag. In case of a market fall, your crypto is not likely to be liquidated to secure a lender's investment.

Higher LTV means that you will have to act fast in case of an extraordinary market situation.

In case of critical changes in your cryptocollateral value, you'll get an email notification.

In this case, you can repay the loan or add extra collateral. If you do nothing and the situation is a matter of necessity, your cryptoassets will be sold.

Your Back-Up Plan
The lower LTV, the safer your cryptoasset in case of market value drop.
You'll get email notifications if your collateral market value decreases.
Options to Address
To protect your crypto in case of market fall, you can make early loan repayment or add extra collateral to decrease LTV.
The Benefits of Borrowing on CoinLoan
  • Borrow on Your Own TermsChoose your interest rate, loan term (ranging from 7 days to 3 years), and loan amount (starting at $100). Plus, you can repay your loan early without extra fees and penalties.
  • Choose Your Loan CurrenciesIt’s possible to get a loan in fiat, crypto, and stablecoins. Moreover, you can convert your Bitcoin to fiat (and vice versa) without having to leave CoinLoan Platform.
  • Control Over Your BTCBorrowers can free up excess collateral from an active loan. Also, you can add more Bitcoin to secure the loan better and avoid a margin call. As soon as your loan is repaid, you get your Bitcoins back.
The World of Financial Freedom

Slow, restricted traditional banking is outdated and doesn't work in our modern, globalized world. CoinLoan turns things around. Forget about delays or hidden fees. Now, you can borrow fiat, crypto, or stablecoins against your Bitcoin from all over the world using CoinLoan.

5,400 TUSDLent

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world's first and the most successful cryptocurrency that works on the peer-to-peer blockchain network without intermediaries. The main feature of Bitcoin is a complete decentralization.

The Bitcoin network requires no regulatory or central bank. Thus, no one can control Bitcoin, block, or cancel a transaction. However, anyone can join the network. In addition, transactions in cryptocurrency are favorably distinguished by a low commission size.

Bitcoin is generated by users themselves as a reward for “mining”. Its price is formed under the influence of market forces (supply and demand).

Who Invented Bitcoin?

The concept of Bitcoin was first described in a technical document published in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day, no-one knows who Nakamoto really is.

Over the more than a decade of its existence, Bitcoin had dramatic ups and downs, both in terms of its dollar price and fame. For an idea that started as an anonymous document, it’s hard to imagine how Bitcoin reached its current market capitalization and won the greatest renown.

How Can Bitcoin Be Used?

Bitcoin shows a meteoric rise in the number of users worldwide. It can be used as currency or financial asset, for low-cost money transfers, asset-backed loans, and beyond.

Bitcoin’s top use case remains exchange trading, it’s not yet time the mass usage of crypto for everyday shopping. Although they're still not so many merchants who accept Bitcoin directly, it’s obvious that the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method is increasing with each year. In 2019, you can find major brands like Wikipedia, Microsoft, and KFC that accept Bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

You can buy BTC on exchange services that accept fiat currencies. For instance, on CoinLoan Crypto Exchange. Exchanges connect you to online marketplaces, where you can exchange traditional currencies for digital ones.

To buy your coins, you should first sign up for a digital wallet, then you can use traditional payment methods such as a bank card or a bank transfer to buy BTC on the marketplace. Bitcoins will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet.