Earn Interest on Bitcoin With Interest Account

As we see now the rise of crypto-lending companies and saving services they provide, it’s a good time to put assets at work instead of keeping the money idle. Grow your assets and earn crypto with almost zero efforts. Earn a 6.4% bitcoin interest with CoinLoan Interest Account.

So, rather than just hold your BTC waiting for future earnings, you can use interest account services and claim rewards now. Don’t tuck your bitcoins away in a cold wallet or cash out  before time —  put those assets to generate profit. It takes 10 minutes and a minimum deposit of 0.015 BTC to start.

What is CoinLoan Interest Account?

Interest Account is a flagship service from CoinLoan crypto-lending platform. It works similar to a bank savings account. If you want to earn interest, you send your bitcoin to the Interest Account. From this day forward, CoinLoan accrues interest on your deposit.

But how does CoinLoan earn the interest? Platform lend a part of your BTC to its users and pass a part of the interest earned that way to you. We bring deposits from Interest Account together and offer that aggregated amount to borrowers. Thus, your assets work while you’re sleeping.

How how to earn money from bitcoin Interest Account?

Extracting additional value from your bitcoins begins with signing up on the CoinLoan platform. Clicking this link brings you to the registration page.

The next step is to top up your CoinLoan Wallet with BTC. After, go to the Interest Account tab, which is shown in Figure 1 below. Here, you can deposit and withdraw bitcoins and other assets in one click. In case if you get stuck along the way, reach out to CoinLoan support to get the help you need.

Figure 1. Interest Account tab

Interest is accrued daily at 14:00 UTC, while interest payments are processed monthly, on the first day of the next month, at the same hour.

There is no lockup period in the Interest Account. The minimum bitcoin investment period is one day, and the maximum period is unlimited. You can request withdrawal of your deposit whenever you want. Furthermore, you will lose no one penny of accrued interest.

How much bitcoin can I earn in the Interest Account?

CoinLoan pays interest on many assets, but bitcoin is our strong suit. The base rate on BTC is 4.4% APY (stands for annual percentage yield). As far as we know, there is no higher rate on the market.

If that's not enough, there are two ways to increase that base rate.

Increase your rate to 6.4% by staking

To boost your APY, all you need to do is to stake some CoinLoan tokens. There is no minimal staking time to get bonus rates. Within a day after deposit, all values in the Interest Account will increase by 0,1% with every 250 CLT you hold:

  • 250 CLT raises your interest by 0.1%;
  • 750 CLT — by 0.3%;
  • 2,500 CLT — by 1%;
  • 5,000 CLT — by 2%.

The maximum bonus for bitcoin is 6.4%. To achieve this improvement, you need to hold 5,000 CLT in your CoinLoan wallet. Going over 5,000 CLT will not increase your bitcoin interest rate anymore.

The easiest way to buy CoinLoan tokens for staking is to use our built-in exchange. Or you can trade them on other exchanges. Find more information & links in the Help Center.

What about platform fees

We charge zero fees for using Interest Account. Moreover, you pay nothing for deposits and withdrawals. Long story short, you won't find yourself spending a pretty penny on hidden service fees.

How secure are my assets in the CoinLoan Interest Account?

CoinLoan is a licensed and regulated financial institution based in Europe, Estonia. Since we were founded in 2017, we’ve helped dozens of thousands of users from all over the world to earn, lend, borrow, and exchange their assets. If you're wondering how the CoinLoan security system works, please read the post on the platform’s principles of safety.

Your bitcoins are stored safely by BitGo Trust Company, a qualified custodian. Custodial assets held by BitGo are insured for up to $100 million. Insurance syndicates via Lloyd’s marketplace.

On CoinLoan, you can earn interest on crypto assets other than bitcoin:

  • USDT, USDC, PAX, BUSD, TUSD stablecoins;
  • ETH, LTC, XMR, BCH cryptocurrencies;
  • EUR fiat currency.

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