5 Ways to Make Money Online

Back in the days, making money wasn't something you could do from your home's comfort. You had to go to an office or any other physical place where you would spend a couple of hours doing what you do to make money. With the invention of the internet, you now have multiple ways of generating money. In this guide, we'll show you the top 5 ways to make money online. When you do it the right way, you'll never have to work at a physical location anymore and make all of your money online!

5. Affiliate Marketing

One of the oldest forms of marketing is telling your friend to purchase a certain product. When you bring in a friend, you'll receive a small portion of their payment as a reward for bringing in that extra customer for the company. Affiliate marketing works the same way. You receive compensation for each person you convince to purchase the product you're promoting. Sometimes this compensation is a one-time fee, or in some cases, you'll receive a lifetime compensation for each deposit your affiliates are doing on the platform. People usually do this with lots of social media followers, a blog with lots of traffic, or YouTubers. It does require quite some skills and research before you can start with affiliate marketing.

4. Sell online courses

A venture that's gaining in popularity over the years is the sales of online courses on the internet. The traditional college is decreasing in demand, and more people are learning new skills on the internet every day. You can learn specific skills like learning how to code, or e-mail marketing, work-out plans, or any other skill on the internet. Big companies like Udemy and Gumroad grew immensely over the years providing individuals with the ability to sell their online courses and reach their audience. Selling courses requires a lot of time to create the course, and you need to have a specialty in a certain area to bring in sales. Not the easiest one to start with!

3. Sponsored posts

The world of influencers on social media is all about sponsored posts. It's pretty similar to affiliate marketing, but you're not always directly selling a product. It could be that you're only posing with a bottle of Ketchup of a particular brand in exchange for a couple of thousand euros. That picture will count as a sponsored post. To compete in this industry, you need to have a big social media following. Otherwise, brands will not be interested in paying you to share their services. It's all about reaching as many people as possible.

2. YouTube

Another form of generating money over the internet is YouTube. A couple of years ago, no one could've imagined thousands of people making a living from sharing videos on Youtube. Some people like PewdiePie earn millions of dollars per year just by sharing videos on their channel. This is because of sponsorships, advertisements, and collaborations with other brands or channels. It takes a lot of time to create a successful, sustainable YouTube channel - but if you find out what works and build a strong base of subscribers, you can earn a good living with YouTube!

1. Make your crypto work for you

The last option we have is the option that requires the least effort—ever dreamt of earning passive income, so making money while you're asleep? All you need to do is purchase some cryptocurrency, deposit it at the Coinloan platform and sit back. Let's say you buy 1 Bitcoin, and you deposit it to the Coinloan platform. Now, you chose to let others use your Bitcoin and take out loans, earning you interest. You don't need to do anything as the platform takes care of all the logistics. All you need to do is collect your paycheck at the end of the loaning period. Easy as that.